LTE UL Pre Allocation question

Hello all, I would like ask for your opinion.

I have a LTE Huawei Site where a latency test was performed in the field and this result is very high, the Site is with a very high number of users, and I found that when we have a high traffic on the Site the UL PRE ALLOCATION stops working and this causes high latency.

My question is, which is the UL PRE ALLOCATION?


The high traffic might be an UL interference in the first place. Because prescheduling causes high interference and waste of channel resources. If the load generally is high try to deactivate the preschedling thing. Preallocation increases with low number of users. So maybe better to deactivate preschedling to improve the accessibility latency.
This is theoretically

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The function will stop if the number of users exceeds a specific threshold.

Huawei threshold
CellUlschAlgo. PreallocationUserCntThld

Indicates the upper limit to the number of RRC_CONNECTED UEs for which uplink preallocation takes effect. If the number of RRC_CONNECTED UEs in the cell exceeds this limit, uplink preallocation will no longer take effect in the cell. This limit does not apply to uplink preallocation for UEs that are running voice services, ping services or unlimited service, DRX UEs within On Duration, and UEs running low-latency services at the cell edge. For UEs engaged in air interface acceleration or TCP link setup acceleration, the larger value between this parameter value and 100 takes effect as the upper limit.