LTE UE moving from RRC CONNECTED to IDLE before receiving RRC connection release

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I want to ask this question:

If UE in LTE went from RRC Connected to Idle before receiving RRC connected release does it record as an abnormal release?

Please see this: RRC connection release to UE in NR/LTE cells scenario

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In fact sir it is not the same question

I see… my point was only try to take advantage of “similar” topics… If for example you search this Search results for '"RRC connection release" order:latest' - telecomHall Forum you can find some topics where members are already discussing about it… so maybe there is a good place to add your question… join the converstion.

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Yes, it should be counted as a drop from enb side as enb may think UE is out of sync. If there was an ERAB assigned and data transfered then other times will also expire (max retx, rlc etc…)

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