LTE UE Camping

Hello All.

What option do we have in LTE to let a UE camp to an LTE cell but not to have any ERAB assignment towards it or in simple words not to have any browsing on that cell?

any specific vendor?

For Huawei you can try set Parameter “Cell reserved for operator” to CELL_RESERVED_FOR_OP. Hopefully, It will address your issue.

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Vendor NOKIA

Hi Umar.

Can you share more details of the outcome after configuring the parameter to the advised value. What exactly was observed in DT post these settings.

Hi @MR_271285.

Two ideas:

  1. You could try removing the IP address related to User Plane on the Tx configuration of the eNB.
  2. You could modify the TAC of the eNB (and be sure that no Feature for TAC replacing is a active on the SGSN / SGW) to an unknown TAC for the EPC.


Cell Reserved/Bared or special TAC allocation with no provision of services from the core will do the job.

Hello Jairo.
solution 2 was already tried but the problem is that with an unknown TAC assignment attach procedure will not happen and thus UE will not camp to this cell/site which is primary requirement. (Ue must camp to cell and Network but not able to get any service)

I plan to try your first proposal but can you elaborate more on this as its not very clear to me when you remove user plane IP. Do you mean assign a dummy uplaneip.

Hi Masood.

Yep, you can use a dummy IP address for the User Plane.