LTE TDD config2 - special subframe 2 or 10 for better Throughput?

Hi Experts,
For LTE, if I’m using special subframe 2 or 10, which will give more benefit in term of User Throughput with TDD config 2?

Considering 2 as 1 and 10 as 9.
In terms of DL UE thrpt SSF1 is recommended as it has 9 symbols in Dwpts as compared to 6 in config 9.
But config 9 may be helpful in interference limited scenario as it has Gp of 6.
So if there is no ducting impact in the layer and need to choose from 1 & 9 → 1 is recommended for DL Throughput in my view.

I’m asking for ssp10 vs ssp2.
Ssp10 is part of TDD config v1430.
We have special subframe from 0 to 10.

What is the configuration for SSP 10?
I mean, number of symbols for DWPTS, GP and UpPTS?

I’m looking for same. Do you have idea?

I can’t find it.

36.211 having ssp10 description but no of symbols not mentioned.