LTE Site with FTP OK but HTTP apps not working

Hello ,

LTE site observed with browsing issue when tested for apps such as gmail, youtube, Ookla (speedtest) etc… however the site works fine when tested for FTP DL/UL.

what can be the possible reason for this behaviour?

ping from ENB to ‘Next Hop IP’ and if there is packet discard .

then Involve IP & transmission team to check the MTU setting on their equipment.

adding to @cheikh789, it worth to mention the OLTs vendor and performance on both nodes

DO you mean that, you during HTTP throughput testing site is having issue or you cannot browse any site at all?? Please check the Gateway for this case…

dear Gents ,

i have this problem in LTE Drive test for one LTE site that have a consignation in MW link or the DWDM

when i test FTP i got 200 M and oklaa 70 M
can any one explain to me the difference between ftp drive test and OKlaa test , using protocols
process used in both

is FTP using TCP tests only
is oklaa using TCP and HTTP

wait your reply