LTE Site having very low Uplink Throughput

Hi All,

LTE Site having very less UL Throughput issue (1 Mbps, 5 MHz BW)

Checklist done:

  1. No uplink interference.
  2. No TNL fault/packet loss
  3. No Alarm
  4. Very less max active user
  5. No cell overshooting
  6. Cell & user thpt both very less.

Please suggest.

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I also met such issue.

Some points:

  • What is the frame configuration? Sub frame configuration - it’s in cell if you are using Huawei check it it’s normally sa0 and sa7 for TDD check if it’s OK
  • Check smart preallocation is it open or not?
  • Check UL synch users is it high or not
  • If closed loop mimo is activated with DL FSS , close FSS (Frequency Selective schedule)
  • In FDD normally we use ol adaptive with tm3
  • What’s the HARQ and BLER?
  • Also the buffer status?
  • FSS is Frequency selective scheduling. You can find it in cellalgoswithch