LTE Single User Throughput Issue

Hi Experts,
We have a problem in LTE throughput. Single User Downlink throughput is around 62 Mbps with one of the sector radiating (LTE Band1-5 MHz BW). Throughput reduced to approx. 30 Mbps after all the 3 sectors of an ENB are active. What could be issue of such degradation of throughput.

Are you using 4x4 MIMO ?

Yes 4x4 MIMO enabled.

check S1 bandwidth , may be its not enough

S1 Configured Bandwidth is 1 Gbps. No issue in Transport Bandwidth.

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What about the Cell throughput?

Maybe it’s because frequency reuse among three sectors causes inter cell interference. 4x4 mimo beamforming has a strong side lobe.

Yes could be the reason, actually as per OEM, the REs configured for RS in one sector are not kept as dummy in other two sectors of the same eNB rather, they are utilised for PDSCH RE. Which creates interference while all 3 sectors are transmitted. What could be the actual deployment guideline as per 3GPP for REs configuration of channel mapping.

It is not very clear, so I would start by looking at the DT indicators which reflect the throughput generation from scheduler.
Try to post the Pre and Post downlink MCS, IBLER, Max transport block size, Slot usage (scheduling % out of total TTIs), Max RB, Average RB, Power headroom, SINR, RSRP, RSRQ/
Maybe a very basic issue like all 3 cells having same PCI is present or something much more complicated in terms of configuration is causing this. Anyway, 62Mbps on a 5MHz cell is super impressive. (it is something you can achieve with almost 100% 256 QAM and 100% Rank4).

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