LTE parameter Termpoint to MME

Hello experts
Can someone tell what exactly the command “termpoint to MME” means? i am currently working on the root cause analysis of high intra freq failure in LTE and saw issue is due to high preparation failure. But to further troubleshoot i am asked to checked for incorrect parameter setting, specifically “Termpoint to MME” and wish to know what the patameter is and what it does?
Thanks in advance.

check st termpointtomme and make sure that termpoints are ENABLED

o Disabled or Locked TermpointtoMME could cause Handover Preparation failure. Handover preparation failure could end up with drop call. Delete and re-create TermpointtoMME would resolve the issue|

  • Please check TermpointtoMME for target cell has been defined properly. Connected MME’s need to unlocked and enabled. |

Thanks alot. But saying i should check termpoint mme for target do mean i should check in all target cells which the source enodeB tried to handover?