LTE Multi Layer Balancing in Huawei

Dear Experts,

I do need your kind recommendation and experince on Multi layer Balancing,

Sample Scenario:
there are 4 Layer of LTE in the Network (L18/L21/L26-1/L26-2)
MLB Enabled on both PRB & User
MBCS is already set unsuccessful and rolled backed

Q1: we have diffrent Qualty on each band what should be the target parameter to maximize the Sector UE Throughput
A.PRB Based balancing B.User Based Balancing C.Throughput Based Balancing D.any other possible target(mention plz)

Q2:what is the best Load Sharing solution to achive the target:
1.Using MLB B.Using Mobility Parameter C.RSRQ Based HO D.any other possible

Hi. I saw approaches without offsets in neighbors and approaches with different priorities.
what Ive never seen is anyone complaining if MLB is working properly as it says or not ! hhehe!!! (hw vendor)