LTE Layers - Control Plane - User Plane

LTE Layers

Logically, LTE network protocols can be divided into:

  1. Control plane (responsible for managing the transport bearer)
  2. User plane (responsible for transporting user traffic).

Control Plane Protocols

Protocol stacks for the control plane:

  1. PDCP: sublayer performs ciphering and integrity protection.
  2. RLC, MAC, and PHY: sublayers perform the same functions as in the user plan.
  3. RRC: performs functions like System Information Broadcast, Paging, RRC connection management, RB control, Mobility Control, and UE measurement reporting and control.

User Plane Protocols

Protocol stacks for the user plane:

PDCP, RLC, MAC, and PHY sublayers (terminated at the eNB on the network side) perform functions like header compression, ciphering, scheduling, ARQ, and HARQ.

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