LTE L700 FDD RSRP vs 2G GSM900 RxLev

Hi experts,

Can someone explain why there is a huge difference between LTE-700 20MHz FDD RSRP and 2G-GSM900 RxLev? Same Antenna and same RET are used for both. This trend is for all sites (whole Network). 2G Rxlevels are way better than L700 RSRP

Because the difference in BW

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Check your power difference between BCCH power and Reference Signal (pMax).

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Also CRS port number affects 4G Coverage.

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Thanks, seems we have 25 dBm difference between BCCH power (2G) and RS power (LTE FDD)

I suppose if BCCH and RS power would be the same, coverage difference between L700 and GSM900 still will be observed, not so huge but it should be because of difference in BW (20 MHz for LTE and 200 KHz for GSM)
I have a good analogy with the light to explain it. If you have source of light with narrow light beam, like a flashlight (analogy with small, narrow BW) light will propagate more far through the dark than wide light beam (analogy with wide BW)

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What is the difference in coverage between L700 and L900/L2100. Please share any results available.

Thanks in advance.

BCCH power is higher than Reference Signal Power.

And because of the BW.

Yes, and bandwidth is so different.


  • LTE RS not transmitted all time, but only in certain Resource Element (shown on this figure example config for one and two ports antennas). Compare to BCCH transmitted all time.

  • RS, Pa & Pb. Since power ratio per MHz needs to be considered in regards of RU capability.

Apples and Oranges.

You cannot compare 2G BCCH RxLevel with anything on 4G/5G - the technologies are too different and there is no equivalent.

Find something else to compare.