LTE L3 trace failure due to initial context setup failure

Dear experts,

LTE L3 trace failure is due to initial context setup failure :point_down:

What could be the reason?

Probably RLF on radio, bad RSRP or quality.
If not, then fail in Security Mode Failure.

Yes thanks for confirming :slightly_smiling_face:

Any specific reason for radio security failure?

Failure may be due to UE trying for cell reselection…

Integrity check failure.

After RRC setup complete, enodeb send “intiial ue context setup message” to MME for Erab setup (pdn connectivity).
As per your question, "Iniial context setup failure " reason could be multiple reasons , check row counter of e-rab setup ,
your provided error could be (1) weak ue coverage (2) security mode failure due to ue compatiblity