LTE Identifiers

There is a term for too much known as information overload, which means when you have too much to learn and understand in short time.

Too much information to remember is not only challenging it can cause confusion and frustration as well.

4G LTE or any other cellular technology is no exception and is not free from acronyms and information overload.

To make life easier, you can see this summary with a number of LTE identifiers for you.

You will get a visual breakdown and an explaination of each identifier.

This list of identifiers is not an exhaustive list of all LTE identifiers.
However, it covers a lot of LTE identifiers you may encounter in your LTE everyday work.

​In case if you want any identifier to be covered, please list them in the comments below.

Source / Credits: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for LTE Identifiers – Tech Trained