LTE events description

Hi Experts,
Can anyone share all LTE events summary?

A1 Serving better than threshold
A2 Serving worst than threshold
A3 (for Intrafreq HO between Serving and Neighboring cells)
A4 For interfreq HO (Neighbor Cell better than threshold)
A5 For Interfreq HO (A2+A4),For Carrier Aggregation(Secondary Cell handover
A6 Use and for IRAT B1,B2 (A2+B1)

Is it safe to say?

A3, A4, A5 valid for intra and inter frequency as well.

After A2 event we have 2 options:
Either A5 ( inter or Intra)
Is my understanding correct?

It’s intra or inter, not for srvcc.

A4 still used?

Yes A4 used.

No, check the figure.

What I am trying to explain…
After A2 VoLTE call is having 2 option:

  1. inter or Intra ho
  2. srvcc

So inter Intra HO will have -114.
And I am thinking SRVCC at -120.
So 6 dB VoLET call will be draged.
According to GSMA doc link budget -120 is.
Where TTI bundling, ROHC gain not added.

What is the UE loss 6 dB?

Ok then it’s fine.
Let me tell exact scenario used.

For volte we need to consider few features in link budget:
1 TTI buldling
2 RoHC
3 VoLTE UL coverage boosting

I am able to see with layers L2300, L1800, L900.
SRVCC parameter configured at L900 only and b2 threshold used -118 and A2 threshold as -112.
B2 time to trigger utra meas as 1280 ms.

Hence I am concluding -120 is good level to retain voice call on VoLTE.

No dear, you need to keep 6 dB lower than your actual LTE coverage.

I switched off VoLTE from TDD.

We can try to exit VoLTE traffic early from TDD by using A5 threshold.