LTE Check List (KPI & Parameters) for new On Air sites

Hello Everyone,
for new on air LTE sites what should be the checklists(kpi+ parameters) in Huawei technology?

you should check
Traffic and throughput (DL/UL)
and UL interference and PRB & numbers of user
you should drive test for new site

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Hello Everyone,
what are Huawei LTE parameters that are used for traffic balancing?

For example

i. Parameters of LTE (FDD) to balance traffic between other layers of LTE.

ii. Parameters for LTE (FDD) to throw traffic on GSM Layers. (including CSfallback priority).

Any guide/suggestion with examples which can be shared then I really appreciate it.

My objective is to keep traffic in 4G as much as possible (including VoLTE traffic). Please suggest