LTE Cell with low/zero traffic

Hi Experts,

I would like to know the reason behind the low traffic in a new LTE cell (B28) 700mhz ( up to 1 max rrc connected) in comparison with its counterpart in B2 1900mhz (up to 70 max rrc connected)

What kind of balance technique can I apply here, or what I need to check on my side?

No interferences, no alarms, ET working well and good coverage values, only impacted in number of rrc connections KPI.

Zte vendor.

Hi Experts.
In LTE all parameters checked, but still no traffic from last few days. Even no RRC, etc.
Health check done, no issue found from Core side, RRU change but still traffic is zero.
What can be the issue?

Do you see RACH attempts?

Issue only on one cell.
RACH attempt observed.

RA window size?
And rach response happening?

Do you have msg3 received or not?

There are attempts but all failed.

In same number like RACH attempts msg1?
Can you paste here RACH configuration?
Is it short or long preambles?

get some traces, you should see if it fails at msg2, msg3 or msg4

S2 RACH SR is zero.

But you definitely have more counters for RACH, what do they say?
Please paste here RACH config.
Is this for one cell, one eNodeB, a cluster?

Faulty antenna can be one of the reason for this kinda of issue.

I have similar situation with the testing of new type of RRU.
All msg3 fail in DU and with the old one no problem.
My point is, you have maybe some hardware issue on location :slightly_smiling_face:

Only one one cell.

Antenna replaced with new one, but still same issue.

Not the problem, as old RRU replace with new RRU.
Working on it, no discrepancy found in audit.

Hi experts
Low traffic observed on some sites after activation compare to other site
Please suggest wat need to be check apart Physical Parameter

Thanks in advance