LTE Cell ID Calculator from a Bit number

Hi All Experts.

How to get lte ECELL ID from this 28 Bit Number?

00110000 11110000 00100000 0111

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Hi, there is a calculator for this in this website:

But only till 4G, support.

For 5G you can use:

But can’t be just convert above bits into decimal?

No, I am not getting it by simply converting it into Decimal…

Ok, so above bits are what?

Like cell identity or gNB ID.

I mean what does this 28 bits signify here?

ENB ID ( Normally 20 bits ) + Cell ID ( 8 bits)

Formula should be eNodeB ID * 256 + Cell ID for 4G: :point_right: What is the formula for Cell ID (ECI) in LTE networks? - #23 by Fathy_Farouk

Remove 8 LSB and covert rest binary to decimal.