LTE Carrier Aggregation with NR

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Can someone please suggest what could be the reason for UE not adding 5G when it is already have LTE carrier aggregation?. Opposite logic is working i mean when there is only single LTE layer UE can easily get 5G. Thanks in advance for your answers.

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there is a feature checking max mimo capability or max layers or max throughput in endc plus LTE CA scenarios so LTE can limit the number of carriers in CA for PCELL part.
UE per band supports a limited number of MIMO layers.
Your UE in case of SCELL added first in LTE for CA might not support 5G layer that you want to add.

In case of sgnb addition if the PCELL+scell combination supports 5G band combination should not be a problem. In your case, single PCELL adds 5G layer so that UE only support 1 layer with 5G band.
Check cacombos site for your UE capability then we can cont troubleshooting :slight_smile:

Thanks very much Lord for your reply.

Actually, I already check the feature which is selecting the LTE carrier having max MIMO and Max CCE and making it primary. But the issue here is the device is not supporting LTE CA irrespective of PCell. I tried disabling CA on LTE side and device was getting proper 5G Coverage. The issue here is we cannot limit the LTE CA for in network while most of the devices are supporting it. Is there any parameter/Feature that limit the LTE CA for only those UE’s which are not capable of it ?.
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Try those switches
In UE capability message did you check UE declares its non support on your combinations properly?

Thanks very much once again Lord,

I already tried these switched but there is no luck.

Another issue is we cant have UE capability insight neither from logs nor from cacombos as its a CPE not UE.

I see. You can ask core guys to start an imsi trace from CMM to capture UE capability during attach.
Without checking Ue cap , it is difficult to troubleshoot this. Probably CPE does send support for the band combination you are asking for.