LTE and NR synchronization requirement during inter-RAT measurements

Hi experts,
I would like to have some clarification regarding inter-RAT measurements in LTE.
This is the scenario:

  • UE in LTE (SA) configured with B1 event to measure 5G NR (also SA)
  • Measurement gap is also configured in UE to overlap the smtc window of the 5G frequency (FR1)

Do you know if phase and time synchronization is mandatory for the UE to “catch” the SSB transmitted by the NR cell? In case they are not phase/time synch, the may or may not detect the SSB.
Also, is SFN alignment needed as well?? The NR cell will transmit the SSB at certain SFN’s

Thanks in advance.

Yes time and frequency synchronisation is must for reading the ssb info.