Lower settings for QCI1 target BLER


Has any one tried lower settings for QCI1 target BLER?

Is there any change observed in VoLTE DCR?

I have tried lower settings, but VOLTE DCR increased.

Improving QCI1 BLER and packet LR KPI’s.

What’s your N310 for VoLTE QCI1 bearer?

If it is 10 you can increase it to 20.

This way it will improve VoLTE DCR but it will degrade user experience (too may silence periods).

Up to you to decide what is best for you.

Ericsson networks usually run with N310 = 20, Huawei networks run with N310 = 10.


Yes, Ericsson is very aggressive but this will ultimately lead to poor quality for drop improvement.

Some Huawei networks run with N310 = 6 for VoLTE.

Ideea is to identify cells with problem and take action.

In Huawei it’s recommended as zero as VoLTE target BLER.

Isn’t this a source of capacity problems?


Huawei do prefer dynamic scheduling in VoLTE too to improve quality.

They only prefer when it’s highly loaded.


Yes, it’s already 6, increase in drops is widespread with low increased ratio.

Increasing silent periods will effect UE experience, so this might not help .

For VoLTE you can enable TTI bundling in Uplink, RLC segmentation, semipersistent scheduling.

Thanks again.

TTI-B BLER based already enabled, including RLC segmentation and SPS.

I have tried SINR based TTIB, but it has different pros and cons.

The issue with VoLTE is that you cannot cheat Uplink coverage.

And make sure you disable 5G when you have VoLTE because there are many old 5G UEs that do not support dynamic power share between NR and LTE.

So if you have VoLTE and NR the Uplink coverage of VoLTE will be reduced.

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Hello Experts,

I saw some hints how to lower drops on LTE, but could anyone explain why exactly with lower BLER targets VoLTE DCR increases?
What in this more robust transmission / LA caused by lower target increases DCR ?