Low Throughput with PUSCH BLER 50%

Hi Experts.

When I have PUSCH BLER in 4G with values of 50% and RSRP, SINR and RSRQ with aceptable values, the Throughput is very low.

Is possible have UL interference problems?

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Check BLER target and other uplink link adaption related parameters.

How many dBm of UE Tx power?

It is a Samsung s9 tems pocket
But in color green in botton left chart you have UE tx power.

Can you check your PUSCH SINR as well if it’s abnormal then it can be due to increased users on cell in highly overlapped sector.
UL power control settings parameter, UL link adaption to be check parallel.

It is indoor sector in a shopping center, only one server.

Try to reset eNodeB/RF module.
Sometimes it helps a lot as value look abnormal.

RSRP is a bit low.
Pa/Pb parameters can be checked.

Is it FDD or TDD network?

50% bler is extremely abnormal.
You can check parameters but my guess would be that this is physical fault.
Check alarms on site.
I would request a field audit (after parameters and alarms all come OK).

Check your UL MCS.
eNodeB should adapt the ULMCS, lower it as much as possible, till UL BLER gets to normal values like 10%.
Even if this means using MCS0, it is the eNodeB duty to change the UL MCS.

And UL BLER ( of first transmission) is not so important.
What is very important is UL residual BLER, ie BLER after all retransmissions were done.

Are the PUSCH and PDCP match h or not?
If they are match this issue most probably is due to PIM

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