Low Payload and DL PRB utilization but still Low Throughput

Hello All.

I have 1/3 cells with Payload <1 GB and DL PRB utilization 20 %, but Throughput < 1.5 Mbps in capacity layer.

Coverage layer carrying good Throughputpt and Payload & PRB.

What can be the issue?

Are you sure there no hardware faulty over the site ?

Did you make Drive test around the site to check it’s performance?

These are the typical symptoms of:

  1. Cell has hardware issue such as VSWR

  2. There is strong interference and hence spectral efficiency is low (SE lower than 1 bit/sec/hz usually means there is DL interference). You can check pusch/pucch SINR and RSSI for UL interference.

3.There is license shortage. For example DL baseband capacity license is not enough and it is not possible to use maximum capacity of the baseband board.

  1. Cell is overshooting such that there are only a handful of cell edge users served by this cell. They will not generate high amount of payload but cause low throughput.

Parameter discrepancy is also a possibility. For example your capacity layer has discrepeancy in MIMO setting and maximum Rank is limitted.

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what will be reason for PRB is 70% , payload <1GB, DL cell thpt < 1.5 mbps ?

those cells what will be reason?