Low number of users in 3G

How to deduce if a 3G cell carry low number of active users?
Should active DCH state users number or HSDPA users number to be considered?

Vendor please??

Hi @Dalia_Mokhtar

Practically speaking (in my NW), when average HSDPA users exceed 15, this usually corresponds to TCP utilization above 70% and hence user DL throughput degrades (~<1M). On the other hand, when DCH users go above 25, it causes RTWP to rise above -95dBm.

So I would say for lower limits, if HSDPA users were less than 5, this pretty low.

P.s. Are you working on sleeping-cells detection criteria?

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Just a study on low traffic cells

In general

If you can increase the coverage area ( decrease the tilt or increase CPICH power) without increasing the overlap with another cell so go for it

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Yes but how to detect low traffic cells in 3G ? Or low number of users cells.