Low number of users in 3G

How to deduce if a 3G cell carry low number of active users?
Should active DCH state users number or HSDPA users number to be considered?

Vendor please??

Hi @Dalia_Mokhtar

Practically speaking (in my NW), when average HSDPA users exceed 15, this usually corresponds to TCP utilization above 70% and hence user DL throughput degrades (~<1M). On the other hand, when DCH users go above 25, it causes RTWP to rise above -95dBm.

So I would say for lower limits, if HSDPA users were less than 5, this pretty low.

P.s. Are you working on sleeping-cells detection criteria?

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Just a study on low traffic cells

In general

If you can increase the coverage area ( decrease the tilt or increase CPICH power) without increasing the overlap with another cell so go for it

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Yes but how to detect low traffic cells in 3G ? Or low number of users cells.

Use KPI’s counters. which vendor are you using and what technology are you working on? For example if it is Ericsson, and let’s say you’re working on 3G, then for your questions, check counter - Throughput UE (HSDPA Mac). Based on The operator’s threshold, then you can identify low traffic cells or cells not meeting the threshold.

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