Low Inter SGNB PSCell Change Success Rate %

Hello Experts,
How we can improve the Inter SGNB PSCell Change Success Rate %?
I have 2 gNB’s neighbor to each others and the face to face cells with low Inter SGNB PSCell Change.
As per the BO, X2 is configured well between the 2 sites.
Vendor Huawei.

if NBR cell is overshooting and HO Attempt between Serving and Neigh is high

then make late for HO by changing E-UTRAN Cell Individual Offset to _8(-8DB) as exemple

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Check for missing anchor definition or pci conflict

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Export CHR then open it through 5G FMA → expert → Handover → HO Analysis → inter site HO Out in → HO Cell Relation statistics.

most of the time due to missing X2 for anchoring site.

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