Low eRAB SR, but no packet loss in the media

Hello Everyone!

I am observing low eRAB SR, but no packet loss in the media.

What else can be checked?

Nokia site

Packet loss and eRAB SR are not related.

Packet loss is counted after eRAB is setup.

There are counters for eRAB failure cause, please look at them.

I mean no packet loss from BTS to Core network.

I understand eRAB SR is related to transmission media.

Not exactly.

Failures of rab success rate can be due to many other reasons not just transmission.

Maybe hardware as well?

Main reason for eRAB SSR degradation are S1 fluctuations, TNL drops, License issue.

Check defaut reports regarding to Lte Accessibility

Check also S1 interface accessibility report

I checked RSLTE38 report and found that E-RAB stp FR RNL is 47.45.
I think it’s very high. Whether it’s due to radio link or any other issue like BBU unit?

And we are actually not able to access the site from omc though there is no packet loss.

Means you maybe have HW issue.

You may have to do a physical reset.

The issue was with satellite media. Resolved.


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Do you mean it is a VSAT site and there was a TX problem?