Looks like Nokia finally decided to play responsibly in the Open RAN sandbox! 🚀

After much foot-dragging and accusations [ unintended ?] of slowing down Open RAN adoption, Nokia extended a hand to Mavenir for a partnership starting from Nov 15, 2023.

It’s like watching a long-anticipated technology upgrade getting delivered very slowly. Better late than never, right? :yum:

This alliance could be a game-changer in the industry, along the way addressing some of the significant concerns raised by Telefonica at MWC2022.

Still early days. Let’s wait for more partners like NEC, Fujitsu, and PW.

Now everybody is waiting for the letter from Stockholm! :iphone:

IKEA might take inspiration from Nokia’s History book and come out with an ‘assemble-it-yourself’ Open RAN solution! :bell::sunglasses:

Image Source: Telefonica

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