Load-Carrier Balancing in LTE

Dear Folks,
I am looking for Load Balancing for two cases.
Vendor: Ericsson
Case 1: L26 v L18 ( 20Mhz Each
Case 2: L26 f1 20mhz v L26 f2 15 Mhz

I am trying IFLB feature and created related but 60% traffic is in L26 in Case 1 Scenario and 70% traffic in case 2 scenario.
So far i have been trying IFLB Activation threshold.
1L.A1 : L26 F1, 1L.A2: L26 F2, 2L : L18

EUtranCellFDD=XX1L0210A1,EUtranFreqRelation=1423 lbActivationThreshold 0
EUtranCellFDD=XX1L0210A1,EUtranFreqRelation=3025 lbActivationThreshold 0
EUtranCellFDD=XX1L0210A1,EUtranFreqRelation=3300 lbActivationThreshold 100
EUtranCellFDD=XX1L0210A2,EUtranFreqRelation=1423 lbActivationThreshold 0
EUtranCellFDD=XX1L0210A2,EUtranFreqRelation=3025 lbActivationThreshold 0
EUtranCellFDD=XX1L0210A2,EUtranFreqRelation=3300 lbActivationThreshold 100
EUtranCellFDD=XX2L0210A1,EUtranFreqRelation=1423 lbActivationThreshold 0
EUtranCellFDD=XX2L0210A1,EUtranFreqRelation=3025 lbActivationThreshold 0
EUtranCellFDD=XX2L0210A1,EUtranFreqRelation=3300 lbActivationThreshold 100

Can anyone suggest some more related or different tunings.