Load Based Distribution at Release Feature

Hi All.

Does anyone know about this feature of Ericsson?

Load Based Distribution at Release

Feature Identity: FAJ 121 4338
CXC 401 1944

CXC: needs license activation.

FAJ is describing the feature.

Isn’t this related to IMMCI (Idle mode mobility Control Information)?

That is, in RRC connection release UE is instructed to stay in idle for 180minutes on a specific EARFCN?

This feature will instruct a EARFCN to reselect at E-RAB Release.

So you will balance users in idle at the end of the session.

However, it’s not commonly used since you can instruct all UEs to go to the highest cellReselectionPriority EARFCN.

But if all users will go to highest cellreselPRIO in idle, it means network is not spreading properly the users in idle.

IMMCI is better doing this.

Because after idle mode reselection based on cellReselectionPriority, the UEs will do loadBalancing at E_RAB Setup, using the interFrequency Load Balancing Feature that will calculate the loads of each layer in based of cellSubscriptionCapacity parameter.

Usually, you will have different bands and different bandwidths, so you will have to plan your layer management strategy on base of that.

I see in feature description that this feature is using IMMCI.