Load balancing in a site with two different nodes

Dear Experts,
How can we do load balancing in a site which is with two different nodes?

Example: I am having one enodeb with:
L900 - different BB
L1800 - different BB

eNodeB ID is also different for both.

Vendor is Ericsson.

Push traffic from one to another, tune parameters or downtilt to have same coverage of L900 and L1800 (verify by Drive Test)…

In this case I am getting two issues.

  1. What if it is IBS;
  2. If I change the threshold, end user issues increases.

What is your case exactly?
Be more specific to get exact answer. My reply, above applies for all cases generally

There is a feature in Huawei called: Mobility Load Balance

It’s used for inter Frequency and inter RAT.

Check if there is such a feature in Ericsson.

Coverage-Triggered Inter-Frequency Handover FAJ 121 0877
Coverage-Triggered Inter-Frequency Session Continuity FAJ 121 0797
Inter-Frequency Load Balancing (CXC4011319)

Plus associated parameters for load balancing.

Same feature exists in E/// and Nokia as well.

You can use the Load Balance feature.
It will share the load automatically.