Load balance between LTE cells

Hello dear Experts,
Please any parameter setting strategy for load balance between LTE 700 band and LTE CA 1800 band cells?
Vendor is Huawei.

L700 band cell:


L1800 band cell:


Same sector of same site.
Any advise to balance users and improve throughput?

What is priority mode in your case?

Inter frequency cell resel priority was 6 on L1800 and 7 on L700.
I have modified it to same value 6, but still same status on 700.

But when you change both 7… any changes observed?

No, I havn’t change both to 7, just to 6.

Ok, what is the Load Balance configuration?
It is based on idle or dedicated?

Idle reselect

I wanted to know if any other parameter to tune also.

Both layers same BW?

Yes, both 10M.

Then check below points:

  1. make sure of suitable tilt to make 1800 a little up tilted than 700 (2 degrees should be fine) to overcome higher attenuation.

  2. Open idle and connected interfreq load balance

  3. Tune MLB settings in CELLMLB family especially
    Make sure the balance mode = PRB&USER NUMBER

  4. If still not balanced, tune interfreq ho thresholds in family INTERFREQHOGROUP

  • Cellsubscriptioncapacity
  • Lbthreshold
  • Lbceiling
  • Qcisubscriptionquanta


Ok, thanks. Antennas already set. Will check your parameters recommendation.

These all Ericsson parameters…

For Huawei you can use this strategy:

For Huawei, it’s better to read a clear explanation at bottom of MLB feature (you even have OSS commands how to do it). In HEDEX.