List of 5G Core network startups

In Telecom RAN is, and always has been apple of the eye for researchers and startups, any small improvement or innovation you do in RAN and its going to have huge impact and cost savings in the network so naturally for 5G we have seen gazillion big, mid and small size companies building awesome products around RAN and O-RAN but there are very few companies that concentrate on the core network or even prep the hardware for making core faster, in this post I have listed few startup’s and other companies (unusual suspects) that are building products for core network.



Cumucore seems to be targeting private network and use cases, the website mention the pricing of 150€ per base station per month, this price is really aggressive and work out very well for networks which has lesser number of small cells and the clients generally are stationary.


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Kaloom has only UPF for 5G core, but I have seen this being used in multiple demo’s, probably the only vendor to have UPF alone.


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Guavus has only NWDAF which will help in AI/ML analytics when 5G core is fully loaded their website and youtube has lot of information on NWDAF IMO.


Link : 5G network visibility of eCPRI, XnAP, F1AP, NGAP

Well its technically not a 5G core NF vendor but they have built awesome ebpf network visibility tool for 5G core which will solve lot of problem in multi vendor scenario, since 5G core log collection and metric sharing is not part of 3GPP standard this software will come in handy.


Link : 5G Core (5GC) Network | 5G Core Network Solutions | Alepo

alepo seems to only have AUSF, UDR, PCF and UDM.


Link : Global connectivity with 5G Private Networks - FloLive

Seems to have solution for IoT and 5G core for private use case.


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Core network targeting Private network use cases.

i2i systems

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From the product page they seem to have SBI based 5G converged core, apart from that they have a separate brochure for PCF.

Tambora systems

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Converged core with local breakout and slicing support.

Amantya technologies

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Core for private 5G and lab simulation.

Niral Networks

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Core for private 5G.


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Analysis on 5G core, In 2020 was spin-out from the University of Edinburgh.


Source: Top 5G Core network startup’s to look out For! | by ram | Medium