Latency increased after CA the DL scheduling

Dear Experts,
After we implemented CA the DL scheduling latency increased.
Is that normal behaviour?
Vendor is Huawei.


You are checking latency through eNB counters?
Does that occur for all CÁ combs?
What did vendor say about that?

Yes dear,
I checked from endB side,
It happened on all CC
Vendor is Huawei

Did you open a ticket for Huawei?
If you disable LTE CA, latency returns to previous values?

What counters you are using?

What drive test says…when doing with or without CA?

Try ping
Try speed test

in both scenario and check difference in latency?

When you say scheduling latency, you may compare grants before and after…

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Faced similar issue and it was due mimo after CA backed to open loop , just changed to close loop everything become fast speed.


In CA when Scell CQI is not good it lead to increase latency, there is a feture in huawei which you can deactive scell by specific threshold, and improve latency and troughput