L.Voice.E2EVQI.Bad.Times increased

Dear ALL,
L.Voice.E2EVQI.Bad.Times - Any idea what could be possible reason for this counter to be increased in Huawei LTE network?

What would be the cause of the VQI index to increase in bad?

Bad voice quality, RF Condition, Packet Loss, Jitter.

Any specific counters to validate the is due TX media for packet loss/Jitter?
For the top impacted node, overall TA is reduced - and i don’t think so it will be due to RF condition.

Then you need to check packet loss, jitter and you can Check Intra and Inter Handover, whether there is sudden change in attempt.

If you have IIPM feature activate at UGW a then u can check the packet loss in the enodeb…otherwise u have to directly ping from enodeb to she or mme.

You can also check TNL fail related counters to check.

You will get an idea for losses.

No issue with TNL fails.
QCI 1 packet loss are in normal no abnormal step change like E2E.VQI.Bad… and interestingly its started getting improved, packet loss in down trend, not on up trend.
Also, noticed L.Traffic.DL.SCH.16QAM.ErrTB.Ibler/L.Traffic.DL.SCH.64QAM.ErrTB.Ibler is increased at that time.
Have checked the border UE packet loss - no issue on that
When we check the Retransmission rate, its downward trend again…
Something fishy.

Initial BLER it self is poor.
Check the setting of Parameter and again radio condition not coverage, quality.
Initial BLER target like 10%, 20%.
And MCS V/S CQI graph.