L.RRC Redirection E2G

How do I reduce the number of redirections from E2G and inturn increase the number of rrc redirections from E2W in Huawei csfb ?

Setting correct rat/frequency priority for csfb.

What vendor in the network?

Vendor is Huawei

Wcdma has highest priority

If wcdma is highest csfb priority and csfb to utran is enabled, neighboring umts cells are configured, e2w csfb is selected first.

this is how it is configured.

check parameter : [CSFallBackBlindHoCfg]:Indicates the highest-priority RAT for handovers. It is UTRAN by default. If this parameter is set to UTRAN, GERAN, or CDMA2000, the highest-priority RAT is UTRAN, GERAN, or CDMA2000, respectively.

It’s already set with utran.