KPIs/Counters to check VoLTE mute call

Hi Experts,
I have questions for VoLTE:
Which kpis/counter need to be check for VoLTE mute call.
Vendor is Huawei.

L.Voice.UL.Silent.Num: Number of times that a UE experiences Uplink voice mute in the cell.
L.Voice.DL.Silent.Num: Number of times that a UE experiences Downlink voice mute in the cell.

Any specific reason for this counter to b pegged?
Like in my case UL interference, RTWP are normal but still facing silent calls…

To find the cause, must do tracing, analysis… no counter showing that.

But it’s happening at multiple location and multiple nodes, not to a specific location.

Analysis in several top sites, you will find cause, and consider if other sites also same.
Maybe Transmission quality issue.

Causes for DL is SINR degradation (or coverage holes) and for UL is interference or UE TX power limitation.

Apart from quality/signal issue, you can check for long HO Execution time, Long call re-establish time, Packet loss from radio end…
Apart from above you need to end end RTP trace, to find more problem at IMS side.

Do we have equivalent counter in Nokia and ZTE as well?
I know for Ericsson it is there.

Make sure UL ICIC and DL ICIC is activated to reduce the occurrence of those 2 counters
Also for mute calls take into account troubles for the other side of the call (B party) not only for A party.

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No UL grants due to congestion.

Any counter to measure mute call in Nokia LTE

VoLTE Mute Call_Nom ==> ((((((((!8067_LVVBP.M8067C13![eCell,Time]+!8067_LVVBP.M8067C14![eCell,Time])+!8067_LVVBP.M8067C15![eCell,Time])+!8067_LVVBP.M8067C16![eCell,Time])+!8067_LVVBP.M8067C17![eCell,Time])+!8067_LVVBP.M8067C18![eCell,Time])+!8067_LVVBP.M8067C19![eCell,Time])+!8067_LVVBP.M8067C20![eCell,Time])+!8067_LVVBP.M8067C21![eCell,Time])


VoLTE Mute Call_Denom ==> ((((((!8006_LEPSB.M8006C107![eCell,Time]+!8006_LEPSB.M8006C266![eCell,Time])+!8006_LEPSB.M8006C273![eCell,Time])+!8006_LEPSB.M8006C89![eCell,Time])+!8006_LEPSB.M8006C98![eCell,Time])+!8006_LEPSB.M8006C116![eCell,Time])+!8006_LEPSB.M8006C278![eCell,Time])|

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