Key takeaways from MWC2023

We saw at MWC2023 how innovation - via use cases - can help us to solve many of our telecom challenges.

To drive the telecom industry to a new height, below are key takeaways from 4 days long event which should be the road map for the next 2 years.

Changes in strategies for Telecom, Serviceproviders across the World.

Around $3 billion is targeted to spend on technology evolution till Dec 2023 and this momentum is expected to continue for at least the next 10 quarters.

  • 5G Monetization is key to addition revenue

  • Preferring FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) deployment

  • Driving Open-ness and new partnership for new ways of working in 5G. Disaggregation of netwokr & its components

  • Energy Efficient Network for long term cost & availability

  • Open Gateway / Dedicated Network (APIs)

  • Artificial Intelligence and Automation (AI&A) to unlock new Use Cases - leads to additional Revenue / Cost Saving. With help of Advance Computing & Insights we can enable transformation by providing Software / Frameworks / Processes / Algorithms & Hardware

  • Advance Hybrid Cloud & Private Network Solution (specific to telecom)

  • Horizontal Architecture (Cloud) across heterogeneous vendors

  • Bring DevOps practice to encourage new ways of working in 5G development

  • 5G creating backbone connectivity for Metaverse Application

  • Network Security / Cybersecurity. Indicate probable security breach that can occur & address it with correct plan.

  • Collaboration in KEY. (Ending siloes) across TSP/CSP & Vendors to drive innovations. Collaboration in ORAN / VRAN & Private 5G or any kind of network deployment / innovation