Key takeaways from 5G Auction in India

:white_check_mark: Total bid amount 1.5 lac Crores INR

:white_check_mark: The total spectrum on offer was 72 Ghz and 71% i.e. 51.2 Ghz was sold

:white_check_mark: Jio has acquired 24,740 MHz spectrum at a price of 88078 Cr INR

:white_check_mark: airtel has acquired 19,868 MHz spectrum at a price of 43084 Cr INR

:white_check_mark: Vodafone Idea Limited has acquired 6,228 MHz spectrum at a price of 18799 Cr INR

:white_check_mark: Adani Group has acquired 400 MHz spectrum at a price of 212 Cr INR

:white_check_mark: Jio is the only company that has acquired a 700 MHz band spectrum in all 22 circles.

:white_check_mark: 5G Network rollout to start as early as Oct’2022

Cabinet scrapped the need for upfront payment for winning bidders, and allowed companies to pay in equal annual installments over 20 years.

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Why the JIO India bought 700 MHz spectrum for 5G?

While UE doesn’t support 5G on 700?

What am I missing here?

Which UE doesn’t support 5G? Jio phone?

700 is for coverage, 3500 for capacity and 26000 for higher Tputs probably.

Yes, 700 gives you higher coverage.

And there are UE supporting it:

Jio is the only bidder to have acquired 700 MHz in all 22 circles, Vaishnaw said.

700 MHz has a range from 5 to 10 km, which gives the telecom operate a solid base coverage.

Can you give full pic showing supported band for iPhone?

Let me reframe the question: L700 can work fine in SA mode but it doesn’t support in NSA mode.
As Anchor on L700. Is that true?

Superior propagation of 700, it’s APT 700 in India unlike US.

But anchor is on NSA mode.

Let me try to understand…

The query is about 700 LTE being anchor for NSA or as NSA 700 with other LTE frequencies?

Higher n28 devices today:

JIO is going for SA for N28 (700 MHz).

For NSA, they will be using 850 or 2300M as anchor.

They said SA only network right? Or not?