Jitter and Latency issues

Hello Experts,

Can someone please help me to know the followings about Jitter and Latency issues:

  1. Nokia related kpi’s or counter for jitter or Latency.
  2. What things can we do to sort these issues.
  3. Reference/ optimized cases if anyone can share will be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your kind help and support :pray::handshake:

Jitter and latency are very difficult KPIs.

You could do couple of things:

  • You should establish is whether these KPIs have any actual customer impact or not.
  • Then check how the counter is actually measured.
  • Then check what link in the chain is contributing most to KPIs (is it eNB to SGW or SGW to PGW).
  • Once you establish what is contributing most, you then look to optimise that link.

Jitter and Latency is normally measured End2End and the source of the jitter and latency can come from multiple points across the path.

From the air interface jitter would in many cases be a result of either congestion and thus buffering leading to a bursty scheduling of the resources on the air interface for this user. The other alternative would be poor radio and excessive HARQ retransmissions giving you a jitter in multiples of the air interface one way latency.

Generally high latency (on all traffic flows) would be a subject to excessive buffering in the transport path (e.g. buffer bloat) for the RAN or Core transport. You should look at if you have certain congested segments and see if you can either upgrade the QoS settings of the VLANs used, upgrade link speed or move certain traffic to a different link. If you do not have visibility for where you have possible congestion you can try to run a set of TWAMP traffic streams (use the RBS or router as the reflector/end point) or maybe only do a continuous ping towards a relevant endpoint. Remember that much of the traffic in the network is bursty and thus you might see that the average (15min) load of the link is not that high but you can still have significant congestion due to microbursts.

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