Japan teams up with Finland on 6G development

Japan teams up with Finland on 6G development:

6G on the way…

This is called crazyness.
I am not in favour of this.

Hope so news is not fake.
It’s look real.

I think: let them explore. We might get better and approved version of 5G/6G and we might save some cost of re-deployment which we had for 3G/4G.
Thats just my view.

I don’t reject research and development.
I am just not buying the thirst when we have not fully deployed LTE, 5G is still a baby… and we started thinking of 6G.

100% agree. :+1:

6G is all about Machines, AI.
No Radio Optimization :grin:

There will be optimization but done by SON.
Not by engineers.
SON modules have themselves dozens of parameters.

So, there will SON Engineers :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t worry!

Yes…1 in 1000😃

Person with AI/ML/Python & Telecom backgroud will run the system.

Yes hard truth.

They used to say thebsame about 4G :relaxed:

You’ll be surprised how many networks use SON modules.
It is an exponential growth for SON vendors.
They started slowly buy now are pretty advanced.

Depends on the perspective and exposure where you’re from.
If you speak to the researchers, LTE technology already matured & saturated.
While 5G has been validated and adopted in 3GPP latest Release.
It’s just that it hasn’t been fully deployed into the industry yet.