Japan and US to partner on 6G standards

Japan and the US are set to work together to lead the creation of international standards in unmanned technology that uses 6G communications.

This comes as Chinese companies are entering this space, seeking to get their 6G tech into international standards.

What is the application of such high speed?

For 5G and mmWave which is about 30 GHz there are many challenges, what will be about Thera Hertz?

I think new generation after LTE is just for marketing and money for vendors and carriers.

Actually even 5G does not have a clear use case, is all about marketing from vendors and a little bit of 5G usage from carriers to solve congestion and provide some eMBB, URLLC for some games and mMTC.
Never seen a clear case of mMTC.

Exactly, we haven’t any real usage in URLLC and mMTC.

It’s all about human less world end of human era.
But 6G war started on fast pace now.

Totally agree!

Will be of use as Movies become high definition with TB size data. :grin:

Anyone remember those days when there was separate team in telecom for 3G neighbour planning…?
How time change…
With ANR now…
… imagine 6G world :grin:

In my last team there was separate person looking after ANR (and few more things as well) :stuck_out_tongue:

6G will be distributed MIMO.
Kiss good-bye the cell notion as we know it today.
Also it will embrace NOMA non-orthogonal multiple access.

Ya, that can be without SON feature I remember earlier it was with pci-ip address mapping then later fully automated :grin:

Hope so it required handset with 6G that will not vanish.

All technology before LTE was NOMA.
We were told OMA was biggest innovation in wireless and now NOMA :joy:

Here is information about NOMA in 6G:

Complex to read… :frowning:

Any simplified doc having 6G basics overview?

Application of sparse code multiple access (SCMA) for 6G wireless communication systems, which is an emerging disruptive non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) scheme for the enabling of massive connectivity.