Issues after activating 5G due to limited device ecosystem

Hello Experts.

Most of UE model for India market support these bands commonly (not considering mmWave bands):
1, 28, 41, 77, 78 SA / NSA

After 5G launch, what issues can occur as device ecosystem still need many changes?

Less chances of issues, more customer concerns on why their 5G phone doesn’t have 5G in mmWave or other frequency regions.

  1. This might be due to unavailibility of 5G frequencies in India - 5G frequencies auction yet to be done.

  2. mmWave is mainly for small or specific cells.

  3. Hardware / phone cost saving.

Need to think after launch if any software update needed or hardware change once we have full flash 5G bands.

Correct, SW update may be simple.

If no HW, need to buy new phone.

Normally, HW should be there.

But mmWave applications yet to come.

Yes device ecosystem need still lot development to cater 5G demand.