Issue with Ericsson site integration - difference between port AIR, data-1/data-2 data-1/data-3

Hi Experts.

I have a scenario in Ericsson which I can’t understand why… is their anyone with good understanding of site integration?

For this site, BB is connected to AIR thought port Data-1 and Data-2, when checking cell performance I found cells are locked manually but can’t unlock your even with Deb proxy.

Other sites BB is connected to AIR through Data-1 & Data-3 are fine.

I want just to understand what’s difference between port AIR, data-1/data-2 data-1/data-3.

Normal site: :point_down:

I can not tell exact reason remotly because that depends on site configuration.

However there is difference in Data ports like some Air 32xx series support 25g C2 on data 1and data 2 however data 3 support 10G C2 however that also depends on SW package used on BB site.

So, overall you need to check particular AIR radio data sheet and SW package used on BB but firstly you need to sure about Site configuration.

Thank You.

Can you please guide?

Most sites use data-1&3, for this site using data-1&2 the cells are showing disabled and can’t be enabled, there is an alarm ecport as mentioned in the snapshot above, can I please share if you have a data sheet for this AIR.

I dont have datasheet, sorry.

But please first varify the SFP used like 25G recommended RDH 102 75/3, also check wheather SFP MO is unlocked or not for data 2 port, also check correct reference settings like in Sector equipment function, sector carrier, cells etc.

Also if everything is fine configuration wise then might be radio faulty :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: