Issue in fast return from 3G (Nokia) to 4G (Huawei)

Hello experts.
This is the SIB 19 message where we’re facing issue in fast return from 3g (nokia) to 4g (huawei).

Any suggestion?
Lte earfcn priority set as 1

  1. Can you check neighbour L2U?
    In SIB 19 information, SC at 3G is not defined, maybe neighbour L2U not created.

  2. Why eutran priority set as 1? And utran set as 4?

Must be: eutran > utran for prio

For reselection, at your country do you use PS HO or Blind Redirection?

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It is in Icr condition 3g is in icr nw and lte in own.
And L2U nbr already defined.
Could you please guide in huawei what is the command to add umts neighbour
I am checking in utranncell, utranexternalcell… already defined

utranncell, utranexternalcell on 4G; with anr it will create, check at 3G?
And then can you check parameter IUCS at 3G cell level, it make impact for fast return.
I forget, for check this iucs, you can check at hedex.

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But my concern is for icr 4g seeker easily fallback happening to their 3g and first return to our lte nw with same priority configuration at nodeb end.
But for our own subscriber whenever I am trying a mo call it is easily fallback to icr 3g but not returning to our own lte nw.

It’s clear that you set with wrong priority

Thanks. Let me change, test and confirm.
But as per Nokia sib19 (priority) 1 is highest priority and 4 lowest priority.

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I don’t know nokia to much, but from dt it’s 3gpp standart cell priority can be 0-7


In Ericsson in MO EutranFreqRelation.
You can define priority on each earfcn, eqrlevmin, threshxhigh, xlow


I found this at your logfile. Can’t attach after call, has tracking update reject.
Can you check? Because have this event.

Tracking Area Update Request
Tracking Area Update Reject

Also you can check this: change PS HO to Blind Redirection.


Thanks a lot for your analysis!
Will check and revert on this.