Is your business ready for 5G?

Is your business ready for 5G? Are you ready to dive in to the world of futuristic 5G technology?

Nahar JBN brings you an informative session on ‘How 5G is going to change the way we do business?’

Key Takeaways:

  • Participants will understand the technical foundations and applications of 5G technology.
  • How businesses will evolve or benefit from 5G.
  • How 5G is changing the technology Landscape
  • Business with 5G Use cases on below sample industries:
  • Consumer Apps: Enhanced MBB, VR, Media Entertainment | Industrial Apps: IoT, Robotic Manufacturing, Public Safety | Societal Apps: Connected Cities, Autonomous Cars , Health Care | Maximizing 5G marketing vs offering improved experience

Date: 25 June 2022
Time: 4 PM IST (See Time in your Country)
Duration: 2 hours

Zoom Link: Launch Meeting - Zoom
Meeting ID: 943 3426 2163
Password: 1008

Instructor: Sanjay Kumar -

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