Is this the year of 5G?

Yes, but with some caveats. I mean, who hasn’t been talking about 5G for the past 4 years? To me, it’s been the year of 5G since 2017. What more does it take to become the year of 5G?

However, maybe your point of view is different. After all, it all depends on where you are in this industry.

  • If you’re a carrier, you’ve been deploying 5G for the past 3+ years.
  • If you’re an OEM, it’s been 6+ years since you’ve been working on 5G.
  • Standards committees have been working on 5G for the past 8+ years.
  • If you’re a device maker, then it’s been 4+ years.
  • If you’re working in private wireless, it’s brand new in 2022 and you hope to deploy some in 2023.
  • If you’re an app creator, it isn’t happening fast enough!! They need more bandwidth, lower latency, and better security.
  • If you’re an IoT provider then you really don’t want to rush 5G, you just hope your old networks stay connected as long as possible so you don’t have to upgrade. Upgrades and replacements cost money. 5G is coming too fast for that group.

Is this the year of 5G?

Is 2023 the year for 5G?

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