Is there any IE limiting the CSI reports UE can send?

Hi Experts,
Is there any IE limiting the CSI reports UE can send?
This is NSA scenario.
There are 8 FR2 NR cells and 3 cells configured for csi reporting.
CSI report received for cell1 and cell2 OR cell1 and cell3, but not cell1, cell2 and cell3.

I think report quantity is only IE need to configure per cell.
As it’s network driven and UE need to follow it.
So not seeing any limitation.

Read about this IE: simultaneousCSI-ReportsAllCC

Indicates whether the UE supports CSI report framework and the number of CSI report(s) which the UE can simultaneously process across all CCs. The CSI report comprises periodic, semi-persistent and aperiodic CSI and any latency classes and codebook types. The CSI report in simultaneousCSI-ReportsAllCC includes the beam report and CSI report. This parameter may further limit simultaneousCSI-ReportsPerCC in MIMO-ParametersPerBand and Phy-ParametersFRX-Diff for each band in a given band combination.

More details here:5G NR UE Capability Parameters – iTecTec

I checked one. UE Mate 40 pro of Huawei and is maximum 2:


Moto EDGE is 4:

If I’m not mistaken, the UE can be configured with more and be commanded via DCI of which will be effectively used.

Is it Periodic or periodic CSI?
UE Reports whatever is configured in the Report config.

It’s Periodic CSI.
This is NSA Scenario and has LTE cell + 8 FR2 NR cells.
Configured periodic CSI for all the 8 NR cells.
Currently only CSI is received for only 2 cells.
Not sure what is the issue here.

Couple of things you can check here:

  • Does UE report CSI RS for only particular cells or does UE reports for all cells but reports only 2 cells at a time?
  • Can you also check if UE has enough PUCCH resources to send all 8 CDI RS reports?
  • Is CSI rs reports configured over PUCCH or pusch?

Also if it’s PUCCH I think you need to configure PUCCH format3 with enough RBs to send all PUCCH reports.