Is there any change in UE protocol stack for 5G IAB node network?

Hi experts,

In 5G IAB node network, will there be any change in UE protocol stack?
I mean are there new protocols defined for UEs connecting to IAB node?

IAB works on higher layers above RLC.
No change on UE protocol.

Thanks. That means UE won’t be knowing whether it is connected to IAB node or IAB donor.
It’s all same for a UE?

Yes, IAB is transparent to UE.

38.401. It mentions another layer BAP under MT.
Which seems to be a change at UE.

Yes but this is between gnodeB to gNodeb.
It does not involve UEs.
IAB is a transmission feature that occupies radio resources. It has nothing to do with UEs.

Thanks @RFSpecialist. I guess this image explains it well.
I misunderstood IAB-MT as UE, where it is a mobile terminal for IAB-Donar which gets the data for IAB-DU.