Is RRC Inactive State required in 5G NR?

Hello Experts,

Why RRC_INACTIVE State is required in 5G NR?

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RRC Inactive States in 5G NR

Because of less frequent transactions with the EPC I believe.
S1 bearers are not released.

Reduce the latency to transition from IDLE to CONNECTED. It is useful for low latency services.

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Dear Experts.

Is RRC Inactive State optional or mandatory in 5G?

Does any vendor have feature to enable/disable RRC inactive state?

It’s optional.

Nokia has option to enable / disable it.

Basically it’s for mMTC / uRLLC use case.


So it is not used for eMBB?

It can be, but is more targeted for mMTC / uRLLC use case.

Here is a nice video with straight explanation on RRC Inactive States in 5G NR:

RRC Inactive States in 5G NR
Source: Telco Bytes

Also check nice summary compiled by @vikas.nain here: Summarizing 5G RRC Inactive state and comparing with other 5G RRC states

Do Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia support RRC_Inactive state in current releases?