Is RIC compatibility a concern for the Open RAN community?

Do you believe RIC Compatibility is a concern for all vendors?

Read this article, and comment. :wink:

:fire: So many vendors are going after developing a Ran Intelligent Controller (RIC).

There is future potential and the market is hot.

:point_right:t4: The RIC has 2 main components:

:one: Near real time RIC which hosts the “xApps” and
:two: Non real time RIC which hosts “rApps” (within the SMO-service management and orchestration service).

…The rApps control non-real time (non-RT) events — more than 1 second and are “centrally” deployed.

…The xApps controls near-real time (near-RT) events — from 10 milliseconds to 1 second and can be deployed at the telco edge or regional cloud.

:gear: The RIC will use real time as well as offline network metrics to drive the control and management of the RAN.

All this will allow for a service provider and enterprise to deploy a multi vendor Open RAN thereby fostering innovation and agility.

OpenRAN based systems can really benefit from the RIC because it can enable quite minute programmatic control of the RAN resources.

:no_entry: But like any other technology, RIC has its own fair share of issues and challenges:

:one: Immature technology
:two: Integration with existing systems

What’s your take on the RIC-
…Will it be the driving force for future networks?

If you want to understand RIC at a very high level including some market stats, attached is a good white-paper.

Source: Vivek Parmar on LinkedIn: RIC Whitepaper VIAVI