Is Proportional Fair Scheduling Algorithm the widely used one in LTE?

Hello Experts,

Proportional fair is a compromise-based scheduling algorithm, based upon maintaining a balance between two competing interests: Trying to maximize total throughput of the network (wired or not) while at the same time allowing all users at least a minimal level of service.

In LTE, is Proportional Fair Scheduling Algorithm the widely used one?
Or Max C/I approach is also used considering User TPT?

Max cqi will probably increase cell level data volume at the expense of users satisfaction (the ones in not so good conditions).
I’ve seen flavors of PF around.
Others might chime in.

Proportional fair is widely used.
But we also tried multiple fairness option.
Max C/I as said above, surely increase thpu/volume but makes cell edge UEs hungry.
We have different parameters to control fairness…starting from PF to Max C/I.

There is also the option for proportional fair PF and enhanced proportional fair EPF.

In Ericsson there are three version of proportion fair - low/high/medium fairness according to CQI weightage and Fairness quecent.

Majority of them will use one variant of proportion fair scheduling or other.